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Youth Groups & Other Small Organizations

FILTER is a digital well-being and online safety program designed to teach students how to set boundaries when it comes to their online activity and achieve healthier relationships with technology specifically when it comes to smartphones and social media. These devices and platforms are impacting our young people in ways we never thought possible and are interfering with everything from their attention spans and time management skills, to the their relationships and mental health.

The course is divided into six sessions, each designed to be completed in 40-50 minutes. ​Each session includes a 5 minutes video teaching that corresponds directly to the FILTER First Study Guide. Request a quote for hard copy student materials or purchase the completely digital version and join the #filterfirst movement today!

Preview the FILTER First Study Guide below each student will receive,

and watch Session 4 of the video series, TIME.

We also offer a Faith Based Leader Guide that will allow you can teach your students how to navigate their digital worlds while also incorporating Christian values. 

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