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FILTER is a digital well-being and online safety curriculum designed to help students develop safer, healthier, and over all more positive relationships with technology, specifically when it comes to smartphones and social media. With most schools adapting a 1-to-1 device model, technology entered our classrooms and homes in a whole new way. Smartphones and social media are a part of our culture, and whether children have their own personal device or not, they need to be prepared to navigate this digital world when the time comes. Students will use these platforms and devices to connect, communicate and express themselves and they need guidance on how to do it well. 

Our curriculum covers everything from internet safety and cyberbullying to screentime balance and mental health. The course is divided into six sessions, each designed to be completed in 40-50 minute. The program is easily implemented into class times such as Life Skills, Communications, Advisory, and Physical Education.

The reason our program is so effective comes from the fact that is done in a community setting. Students need the support and accountability of their peers to truly change the way they are using their devices. Having all of your students hear the same message, join together to make the same decisions, and be empowered with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate this world successfully is the only way we are going to help them achieve healthier relationships with technology. 

Request a quote for hard copy student materials or purchase the completely digital version of the course and join the

#filterfirst movement today.

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