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FILTER is a supplemental social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that incorporates the way students are using technology, specifically smartphones and social media. With most schools adapting a 1-to-1 device model, technology has entered our classrooms and homes in a whole new way. The reality we have to face is that we can no longer teach SEL without addressing their online activity. Students connect, communicate and express themselves through these platforms, and they need guidance on how to do it well. 

Our curriculum covers everything from internet safety and cyberbullying to screentime balance and mental health . The course is designed to be completed in six, 40-50 minute sessions, and is easily implemented into class times such as Life Skills, Communications, Advisory, and Physical Education. Click the Program Demo and create and account to preview one of our teaching videos and the FILTER Study Guide. Add the number of students that will be participating in the course to your cart and starting helping your students develop healthier digital habits today.

We recommend implementing the Middle School Course when students first enter Middle School in the 6th grade, and implementing the High School Course when they first enter High School their Freshmen year. For the years in between we provide a "Refresher Video" to help your students to remember how to #FILTERFIRST.​

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