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  • Q. My child does not have a phone or social media yet, is the program still relevant?
    A. 100% yes! The goal of our program is preparedness, and to ensure your child is ready before they actually have their own phone and social media.
  • Q. Can I purchase the curriculum to do with my child at home?
    A. Yes, absolutely! After purchasing FILTER for Families you will be able to access the video series and Leader Guide online, and receive your Study Guide in the mail in just a few days.
  • Q. Can I sponsor the curriculum at a local school?
    A. Yes! The cost of the Curriculum for group use is $150, and the Study Guides for non-profit organizations purchasing in bulk are only $6 each. Also a bonus, your donation would be completely tax deductible!
  • Q. I am an educator. Where can I implement a program like this in an already full day?
    A. As our program covers SEL, online safety, cyber bullying and much more, this can easily be incorporated into a Life Skills class, Physical Education, Communications, Advisory period, or Study Hall. Each of the six sessions is designed to be completed in 45-50 minutes.
  • Q. Is your curriculum faith based?
    A. We have a Faith Based version of our curriculum, should you want to incorporate a Christian approach to teaching the curriculum.
  • Q. My school is not currently doing the program, where can my child take the course?
    A. In your home! It is so simple to do on your own with your child, or with a small group of friends. Just purchase the Group Use or Individual Use Bundle depending on your needs and you will have everything you need to take your child through the curriculum.
  • Q. I do not have a lot of extra time. Is the course a lot of work for a parent?
    A. Not at all. Your child will watch the videos on their own, fill in blanks with healthy boundaries they need to set, and complete the independent activity all on their own. The only thing you have to do is facilitate discussion with the provided discussion questions.
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