is a six session smartphone and social media preparedness curriculum designed to empower young people to change the way they use social media by equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to set boundaries, create good habits, and achieve healthier relationships with their smartphone and online activity. 


Our goal is to create a movement that awakens people of all ages to the urgency of change that needs to happen. We believe that the work we are doing will have a profound impact not only on this generation, but on generations to come. 


FILTER stands for the six areas we focus our teaching within. Check out the visual below to learn more! 


Filtering the people and accounts we are following and the accounts we allow to follow us on social media to keep us safe and protect our privacy.


Filtering the intentions behind the way we interact online to make sure our hearts are in the right place when we post, share, and comment. 

Life Story.png

Filtering the story we share to safeguard our future opportunities by thinking long term.


Filtering the time we spend on social media to live a healthy, balanced life.

Filtering our emotions before, during, and after using social media to maintain our mental and emotional health.


Filtering our perceptions of our virtual reality to remember that the way people present themselves and their lives’ on social media is not always the way things really are.


Each letter in FILTER has a teaching video, and each video corresponds directly to our student study guide that provides students with healthy boundaries, or "filters" to set when it comes to their smartphone and social media use. The study guide is also full of statistics, discussion questions, independent activities and expert testimonies with real life experience on each topic written directly to our students.

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