Family Founded. Family Focused.

FILTER was created by sisters and co-founders Hallie House and Hannah George to combat the serious and harmful impacts we are seeing social media have on our young people. With 10 children between the two of them, ages 4 to 17, they found that although there are plenty of resources for parents on the dangers of unbridled smartphone and social media use on teens, there was little on the market that actually focused on educating the pre-teens and teens. Spurred on by this realization FILTER was born.

Who Is 

Hannah George

President, Co-Founder

Hannah grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to run track at Lipscomb University where she graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Accounting. As a CPA, she has worked in public accounting, wealth management, and the professional sports industry, but found her passion in the non-profit world working for United Way of Metro Nashville.  After taking time away from work to care for her family, she was finally ready to pursue her passion for helping teens and families change the way they use smartphones and social media and inspire a generation to want more than the status quo. Her and her husband, Jeremy, currently live in the suburbs of Nashville with their six children. 


Hallie House

Vice President, Co-Founder

Hallie grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Malibu California to attend Pepperdine university where she graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing and Public Relations. She spent her early career working in public relations, until pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams and starting her own company after moving to Phoenix, Arizona with her family. After years of success, she sold her company and took some time away from work to care for her family. Currently working at Phoenix Christian, she has a passion for education and helping young people thrive. She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her Husband, Ryan, and their four children.

The                                      journey thus Far...








1st kid in the family went to middle school and the first FILTER seeds were planted.

Mom got a flip phone to prove to her kids it could in fact be done.

Realized waiting on a smartphone is the best plan, and high school is a good time but remained very alone in that choice. 

Decided that we had to create a movement in order to make a better world for our kids. Tossed around ideas, and decided a program for schools was the way to go. We knew we wanted to create something catchy and relevant tagline kids could get behind. Had a lot of misfires but eventually, we landed on FILTER and the rest is history!

Launched our program and had 15 schools and churches complete the curriculum.

Launched the FILTER First Foundation to get our curriculum in the hands of as many students as possible. 


Our passion is to share the message of F.I.L.T.E.R. First with parents and students of all ages. We tailor our presentations to fit your organization’s needs, and help your community get inspired to join the #FILTERFIRST movement.